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Spean Bridge Golf Club

Spean Bridge Golf Club

The First & Tenth
A short but testing Par-3 with a sloping green. Land in front of the green and you’ll roll down the slope to the right, but go through the green and you may lose your ball in the heavy rough.

The Second & Eleventh
You’ll need to carry the rough and then pitch the ball onto a green which lies just in front of more very heavy rough.

The Third & Twelfth
A good drive is required to clear the sight pin at the top of the rising ground. A very difficult sloping green lies ahead.

The Fourth & Thirteenth
Most people lay up near the sight-pin for a view of the green, a short iron away.

The Fifth & Fourteenth
A wide fairway, with rising ground to stop all but the longest drives, leads to another steeply sloping green.

The Sixth & Fifteenth
Carry the rough and then go for the green, but err on the short side or risk a lost ball through the green.

The Seventh & Sixteenth
Send your drive from an elevated tee over rough to the fairway. Beware the pond on the left!

The Eighth & Seventeenth
An accurate drive is needed here, with trees on both sides of the fairway.

The Ninth & Eighteenth
A straight tee-shot makes a par possible, but veer left and the slope could take your ball down the hill to the Clubhouse!

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